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Members of the Leadership Team

Dr. Paul Nugent

Coordinator of the State of Connecticut, Faculty member at West Conn. State U. CT, USA

Dr. Pedro Vasseur

Coordinator, NYC Universities and Colleges,  Faculty Member at Pace University, NY,USA

Dr. Alan Cooper

Associate. Dean, Adelphi University, New York, USA

Dr. Steve Welch

Faculty Member, Exec. Sec. to the Board, Assistant Editor,  Bloomsburg, PA, USA   Contact BAASANA.ORG for Contact address

Dr. Anthony Richardson

Coordinator of Social Media, Southern Connecticut U, USA     

Dr. Elain Lau

Track Chair Management/OB,  Bloomsburg, PA, USA         Contact BAASANA.ORG for e-mail address

Dr.Parijat Upadhyay

IMT Nagpur,  Faculty Member, BAASANA Chapter Coordinator, Nagpur, India

Dr. Kala Miah

Faculty Member, York College, York, PA, Track Chair for Engineering & Technology

Dr. Mohammad Al Yasin

Ibrahim,  Faculty Member, University of Kuwait, Kuwait

Mr. Walter Szykitka

Author of Whole Earth Design Project, New York, USA

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