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Board Members

Dr. M. Ruhul Amin

Founder, President Emeritus, Chairman of the Board, BAASANA

Former Fulbright Management Specialist, USA

Dr. John Okpara

Vice Chairman, Ex-President and Charter Member, BAASANA

Professor, Bloomsburg, PA, USA

Dr. Michael Hamlet

President, BAASANA

Former Associate Dean KGSM, Faculty member, New York, USA

Dr. Afloabi Aiyedun

Vice President, BAASANA

NY State Government, USA

Dr. Jet Mboga

Vice President-Administration & Sub Sahara Region of Africa, BAASANA

Faculty Member, University of PA, Bloomsburg, PA, USA

Dr. France Owarish

Life Member, BAASANA

Exec. Dir. International Institute for Strategic Research and Training (UN Affiliated)

Dr. Donald Crooks

Life Member, BAASANA

Professor Emeritus, Wagner College, New York, USA

Dr.  Serajul I. Bhuiyan

Former President, BAASANA

Former Department Chair, Professor, Savannah State University, Georgia,USA

Dr. Chanaz Gargori

Board Member, BAASANA

Vice President, Northern Africa Region, BAASANA

Faculty Member, St. Peters University, NJ, USA

Dr. Michel Sauvignon

Chapter President- France, BAASANA

University of New Rochelle, France

Professor Alexandra Esimaje

Chapter President- Nigeria and Chair, LOC, BAASANA

Benson Idahosa University, Nigeria

Dr. Nazrul Islam

Board Member, Chapter President of BAASANA-UK,

Professor of Business & Director of Research Degrees

Associate Director, UEL Centre of FinTech

Royal Docks School of Business and Law

University of East London  

Dr. Linval Frazer

Board Member, Editor in Chief- IRBAS, BAASANA

Associate Professor, Department of Accounting, Taxation and Business Law

School of Business, SUNY Old Westbury

Dr. Jahirul Haque

Board Member, BAASANA

Vice Chancellor, University of Liberal Arts,  Professor, President ULAB-Bangladesh Chapter

Dr. Nik Hasnaa Nik Mahmood

Board Member, BAASANA

Country Coordinator, Chapter President-Malaysia, Malaysia

Ms. Di Wang

Board Member, BAASANA

President, Bank of China, Shenyang, China, Country Coordinator, China, PRC

Dr. Socrates Boussios

Board Member and Charter Member, BAASANA

Faculty Member, US MM Academy, NY, USA

Dr. Madhav Sharma

Board Member, Charter Member, BAASANA

Retired Director of International Students Bloomsburg, PA, USA

Dr. Kathryn Woodbury Zeno

Board Member, BAASANA  

Faculty Member Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA

Dr. Cathyann Tully

Board Member, BAASANA

Professor, Finance, Nicolais School of Business

Dr. Steve Walsh

Board Member, BAASANA

Distinguished Professor at the University of New Mexico, USA

Dr. Alfred Ntoko

Board Member, BAASANA

Former Provost, Dean of Business, Faculty Member, National University, CA, USA

Mr. Anup Sharma

Board Member, Manager of Technology Services, BAASANA

Ms. Ayana Culley

Ayana Culley, Board Member, Webmaster and Administration, BAASANA

SVP and COO, NHR, Great Neck, NY, USA

Doctoral Student, CUNY-Baruch College

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